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Thanks to Mohir at K21st for a recent article describing how Professor Lee Cronin and Dr. Malcolm Kadodwala of the University of Glasgow have developed a nanotechnology technique that can store 150,000 times more data per square inch than current technology.

With this technique, the researchers were able to assemble a functional nanocluster just one nanometer in size. This tiny size would permit an incredible storage of 500 trillion bytes per square inch – enough capacity to store:

  • 100 million MP3s
  • 5 million CDs
  • 100,000 DVDs
  • 100 years of video at 1Mbps

Storage capabilities at this level like this will benefit projects like Microsoft researcher Gordon Bell’s MyLifeBits. Gordon’s project aims to store and index an entire human’s lifetime of books, emails, phone calls, video, audio, and more.

Combine this incredible amount of data storage with an eyeglass cam, and OCR, speech and facial recognition software. Now imagine being able to search and play back anything you’ve ever seen, heard or read right from your iPhone.

You can read the original article from the University of Glasgow here.

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15 thoughts on “Your Entire Life On An iPhone

  1. Very promising. This should make whole new applications possible instead of just incremental improvements in the resolution of photos, videos and audio files.
    Hopefully we’ll also get better bandwidth. Still stuck on a 5 mb/s DSL here…

  2. Per square inch, which means that an HDD platter’s worth of this could hold about 12 petabytes.

  3. I was just saying the other day to someone that things would get smaller to nano sizes and they didn’t believe me.
    Now I can show them this 🙂

  4. nice, I’m gonna stick a camera somewhere on my body and record the whole rest of my life, it will be an awesome movie to watch.

  5. @ felix: If you were to record the whole rest of your life, you’d be dead so you wouldn’t be able to watch it.

  6. can you say enemy of the state? or GATTACA? the ‘mylifebits’ program should be killed for purely ethical reasons. Identity theft could be a physical crime in the near future 😛 As often as I lose my keys, I’d hate to have my life on a dust particle sized platter :X

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