Incredible Book Scanning Robot

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Awesom-o at the blog Artificial Intelligence and Robotics has an article about the ingenious book scanning robot ScanRobotĀ® by the Austrian company Treventus.

The robot can scan up to 2500 pages per hour without human intervention – 8 times faster than manual methods. It can scan books produced from the 15th century to the present at 300 dpi and with 30-bit color depth. Cold light LED technology illuminates the pages without damage. A cradle which can be adjusted to open the book at an angle from 60 to 90 degrees prevents overstretching the spine and allows books to be scanned extremely gently, efficiently, and with no optical distortion.

Meta data can be entered at the time of operation, and the scanner can use OCR technology to recognize text in more than 170 languages, including Gothic script font and musical notations.

2 thoughts on “Incredible Book Scanning Robot

  1. wow! that is really amazing! Imagine that? if these robots are available worldwide, I’ll surely grab one of it…
    We don’t have to go “cross-eyed” looking for something in the book.tsk tsk…technology never really ceases to amaze me…

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