SciVestor Corporation launches Singularity-related technology research offerings

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I spoke with Jonas Lamis, Executive Director of SciVestor Corporation regarding the launch of SciVestor this month. SciVestor is a research and advisory company focused on key Singularity technologies, and provides valuable insight as to the effects these emergent technologies will have on business, economic and societal models. SciVestor offers research reports that I believe are of value to investors who are looking to improve their investment strategies. Here is some key information that I have summarized from the SciVestor web site:

  • Robotics
    The robotics industry is expected to grow from $5B in 2007 to $50B in 2012. SciVestor believes the age of intelligent machines is at hand. From service robots to toys and teachers to companionship to war-fighting, the decade ahead will see a dramatic acceleration in human robot
    interaction (HRI).

  • Nanotechnology
    The rise of molecular manufacturing over the next decade portends a transformation across the supply and delivery chains. Traditional manufacturing enterprises could be displaced by distributed fabrication capabilities. Intellectual property rights for brands and designs will
    rise to the forefront when perfect replicas become commonplace.

  • Artificial Intelligence
    The software development marketplace is on a steady march to automation of more complex tasks and processes. In the decade ahead, we will see the rise of complex AI capabilities that will take ownership of virtually every repetitive digital task that could be automated. This shift will create significant disruptions in many career roles as well as with outsourcing companies that rely on human capital for efficiencies.

  • Life Extension
    At the intersection of genetics, biotechnology and Moore’s Law lies the new science of life extension. Over the next decade, we will see medical technologies deliver designer therapies targeting disease and degeneration on an individual basis. By 2015, we estimate that more than 10% of first world medical expenses will be devoted to life extension treatments, and many senior citizens in 2050 will have substantially lengthened, productive lifespans.

Jonas Lamis has extensive experience in corporate strategy, business development, and technology marketing with venture-backed enterprise software companies. He is Director of Partnerships at the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence. He is the founding editor of Architecture and Governance Magazine, authors the weblog Singularity U and co-launched Jonas received his MBA from The University of Texas at Austin, an MS in Systems Engineering and Optimization from Georgia Institute of Technology, and a BS in Industrial Engineering from Purdue University.

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4 thoughts on “SciVestor Corporation launches Singularity-related technology research offerings

  1. So the big question is, where are you looking to invest your money to benefit from these advances? Does the news letter cover this topic?
    – Ryan

  2. Some of the reports are available for a price, but the free reports also have value from what I’ve seen. For example, the report entitled Is Warren Buffet Betting on Disruptive Technologies gives some insight into how technologies that are potentially disruptive (like nanotech and AI) can have implications for other sectors that may not be immediately obvious (like the insurance industry).
    Personally, I like iRobot (IRBT), Nuance Technologies (NUAN) and Honda (HMC). These companies have potential in the Robotics / AI sector. But, I’ve had a hard time finding good investments that are both purely focused on what I would call Singularity areas (AI, robotics, nanotech, genetics, etc) and that are not privately held (Boston Dynamics is a good example here). I’m going keep an eye on future newsletters to see if they provide advice in those areas.

  3. It’s funny you mention iRobot. I just bought a Roomba, and absolutely love it! If they come out with more products that cater to people who are constantly on the go, they will be a fantastic company to have in your portfolio!
    – Ryan

  4. We have a two story house. I bought a 3-pack of iRobot domestic robots last month. A Roomba 570 runs multiple times per day on our ground level floor where the kids seem to make most of their messes and scampers back to its home base after each cleaning to recharge itself. The Scooba 380 scrubs the kitchen floor several times per week, and the Dirt Dog does a great job of controlling the cat hair and dust in the basement. The kids love the robots, and treat them like pets!
    The company will be producing ConnectR robots this year in limited numbers. I signed up for the pilot program of this robot which allows you to control it remotely over the internet, interact with your kids via 2-way audio and see them with video! I’m still on the waiting list at this point.

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